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Surface Lease Information

Feb 7, 2021 | Right of Entry and Compensation, Surface Lease Information | 0 comments

Oil and gas companies are required to submit their surface lease agreements to the Surface Rights Board (SRB) within 90 days of acquiring the right.

The provincial government has enacted the Surface Lease Information Regulation which allows the SRB to publish certain details of the surface lease agreements. Landowners can use location details to look up the lease agreements through the SRB website.

A Map of Lease Agreements with pin locations is also available on the this website. Click on the pins for lease agreement details for each site.

The values (per acre) shown in the agreements involve a number of considerations and should not be applied in the same manner to each piece of property. The value assigned to each lease agreement is based on a number of considerations outlined in section 154 of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act. It may also be based on the particular circumstances of each lease or on a ‘pattern of dealings’ previously negotiated on similar properties within the region.

If you have further questions on how to access this information or how it may affect your discussions with an oil and gas company, contact the Farmers Information Service.


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