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Acronym Guide

ALC Agricultural Land Commission CER Canada Energy Regulator EMLI Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation ERAT Energy Resource Appeal Tribunal LTSA Land Title and Survey Authority OGAA Oil ...

Acts, Regulations and Statutes

Acts, Regulations and Statutes The Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA) defines the permitting authority the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) has to regulate oil, gas and any associated activities in the province of British Columbia. ...

Application and Permitting Process – Pipelines

Application and Permitting Process - Pipelines Pipelines in British Columbia must meet the National Standard of Canada CSA Z662 - Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. Pipelines that remain within provincial borders are regulated by the BC ...

Application and Permitting Process – Well Sites

Application and Permitting Process - Well Sites The drilling and production of oil and gas wells in British Columbia is regulated by the BC Energy Regulator. The Oil and Gas Wells: Drilling Activity fact sheet provides an overview ...

Civil Resolution Tribunal (Small Claims)

Civil Resolution Tribunal (Small Claims) The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) may be an option for landowners to pursue if they are having difficulty resolving a small claim dispute with an oil and gas company or service ...

Complaint Process – Reporting Public Concerns About Oil and Gas Activities

Reporting Public Concerns to the BC Energy Regulator If you need to report an incident about oil and gas activity, such as a spill or extended periods of black smoke from a flare stack, you have the option to call the BC Energy ...

Dormant and Former Sites

Dormant Site A well is considered dormant when it has remained inactive or has not met a certain level of activity for five years or more. A site is considered dormant when every well on the site is dormant. Companies that own a ...

Easements and Rights of Way

An easement is a situation where the title to a piece of land remains with the landowner while the right is given to another person or organization to use the land for a specific purpose. An easement that stays with the land ...

Environmental Research Agencies

Environmental Research Agencies The BC Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society (BC OGRIS) is an independent organization intended to address knowledge gaps, inform environmental operational and health and safety policy and ...

Flaring and Air Quality

Flaring and Air Quality Flaring is the release and disposal of gas through a flare stack during the production and processing of oil and gas activities. This is waste gas that cannot be processed or sold. Flaring can take place ...

Guide to Negotiating Lease Agreements

This guide is intended to help you start effective conversations with oil and gas companies when negotiating surface lease agreements. Having a better understanding of the details of projects proposed on your land will help you plan ...

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