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Farmers Information Service

The Farmers Information Service (FIS) is available to help farmers and landowners in the Peace River Regional District navigate their interactions with the oil and gas industry with the objective of a positive outcome for all parties involved.

We provide information at no charge to help landowners manage the challenges they experience while working with oil and gas development and to help them protect their interests while accessing opportunities that come from such development.

We are here to help farmers and landowners understand the regulatory aspects of the oil and gas industry and know their rights when working with resource companies. We are also available as support to prepare for meetings with companies and will refer landowners to professional services when appropriate.

Our Mission

To equip landowners with the information and resources needed to achieve more positive discussions with the oil and gas industry.

Who We Are

Maria Reschke is the contractor responsible for managing the Farmers Information Service. Her goal is to help landowners understand processes related to oil and gas development on their land and empower them to interact more confidently with resource companies.

Maria has worked directly with landowners for more than ten years, providing guidance on the regulatory processes and requirements oil and gas companies must follow when engaging with landowners. Her experience in these discussions has helped her understand how important it is for landowners to have access to relevant information and stronger guidance on effective discussions with companies. Maria has conflict resolution training and experience in leading community discussions regarding resource development within a farming community.

Maria grew up in a farming community on the prairies and has lived in the Fort St John area since 2006. She believes there are always new ways to approach a difficult conversation and is eager to help find balance in how landowners and resource companies work together.

Our Supporting Partners

The Farmers Information Service is made possible with funding support from:

Need Answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more commonly asked questions received by the Farmers Information Service.

If you have other questions and answers you think landowners would find of benefit, please call 250-329-4686 or email your suggestions to info@farmersinformationservice.ca

I don’t think the company is paying me fair value for annual rent. What can I do about that?

Annual rent can be renegotiated every four years. If it has been four years since the lease agreement was signed or since the last renegotiation, you can complete Form 2 found on the Surface Rights Board (SRB) site. Further explanation is provided in the SRB Rent Review information sheet.

You might also find the Guide to Negotiating Lease Agreements helpful to be review all aspects of compensation. For rent renegotiation, additional consideration is given to the rate of inflation.

I am renting the land where I live and run my agricultural business. What rights do I have as a tenant to pursue compensation for damages on the land?

As a tenant or occupant of the land, if you have incurred damage on your property as a result of oil and gas activity and the company has not addressed your concerns, you have the right to claim damages by submitting Form 1C to the Surface Rights Board (SRB). If you do not own a copy of the lease agreement, the SRB can make an order for the company to produce the lease.

I received a notification letter about a project a company is planning on my neighbour’s land and I have concerns about how it will affect my farming operations. How can I be sure the company hears my concerns?

We encourage you to first contact the company to ask questions and explain your concerns. If you are not satisfied  the company has heard your concerns, you have the option to present them more formally in writing (by mail or email) directly to the company within 30 days of receiving the letter OR by sending a written submission to the BC Energy Regulator any time before a decision is made on the application.

The company is required to include written dialogue with landowners who have responded during the 30 day time frame in their application for the BC Energy Regulator to consider. More information on the full engagement process is available on the BC Energy Regulator’s website. You can also contact the Farmers Information Service for additional guidance.