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Orphan Sites, Dormant Sites, and More

When the company operating a wellsite is making annual payments to a landowner in a timely way, the activity may be of little concern. However, when a company fails to make annual rent payments, it would be considered non-compliance of the surface lease agreement and may require some research and action on behalf of the landowner.

Not receiving rent may not indicate the company has gone into bankruptcy. There are options available to landowners to determine the status of the well and confirm whether or not a company is still viable.

You may currently be receiving annual payments but have noticed little activity has taken place with the wellsite on your land. If you are concerned for the future of the activity there are resources available to confirm the status of the well.

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Dormant and Former Sites

Dormant Site A well is considered dormant when it has remained inactive or has not met a certain level of activity for five years or more. A site is considered dormant when every well on the site is dormant. Companies that own a ...

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