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Civil Resolution Tribunal (Small Claims)

Feb 18, 2022 | Landowners and Oil and Gas Companies | 0 comments

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Civil Resolution Tribunal (Small Claims)

The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) may be an option for landowners to pursue if they are having difficulty resolving a small claim dispute with an oil and gas company or service company.

Examples of situations when the CRT’s involvement would be an option:

  • When a company trespasses (enters without consent).
  • When a company who does not have subsurface rights enters without consent and causes damage at the expense of the landowner.

The CRT can resolve most small claims disputes $5,000.00 and under. Fees will be charged to access the services of the CRT, with costs depending on: the type of dispute; your role in the dispute; and to what stage you want to move the dispute. This might include issuing an order. A discount is available if you submit your application online.

There is an option to apply to have fees waived. For details on the CRT fees by dispute type, refer to the Fees page.

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