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Industry Associations

Industry Associations  Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) represents companies large and small that explore for, develop and produce natural gas and oil throughout Canada. CAPP carries out its work through a ...

Lease Agreements

Negotiating directly with the company When negotiating with oil and gas companies regarding the terms of the lease agreement, landowners are advised to research a fair and reasonable value to place on their land. You should consider ...

Map of Lease Agreements

Explore our map of Lease Agreements! Below you will find a dynamic map with pins and listings of the current and past lease agreements. Each pin includes information about the land, location, and agreement. Note: There is a small ...

Navigating the Appeal Process – Provincially Regulated Projects

Navigating the Appeal Process When a permit is issued for an oil and gas activity, a notice is sent to the person on whose land the activity will take place. The letter will indicate the permit has been issued and the location of ...

Pipelines – Access Through Expropriation

When an oil and gas company requires access to private land for a pipeline not considered to be a flow line, and they are not able to negotiate an agreement with the landowner, they may make an application to expropriate the land as ...

Pipelines and Flow Lines Defined

Pipelines in British Columbia must meet the National Standard of Canada CSA Z662 - Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. Pipelines that remain within provincial borders are regulated by the BC Energy Regulator. Pipelines that cross provincial ...

Regulators and Agencies

Federal Regulator The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) is responsible to regulate oil and gas pipelines and electrical powerlines that cross national, provincial or territorial boundaries. The CER has jurisdiction through the Canadian ...

Renegotiating Rent

The amount of annual rent paid to landowners may be renegotiated every four years. The renegotiation process can be initiated by either the landowner or the company by submitting a Form - 2 Notice for Rent Renegotiation to the other ...

Resolving Disputes

Resolving Disputes on Compensation Values During negotiations on a lease agreement, the oil and gas company and the landowner may not agree on the terms for compensation to the landowner. Either party has the option to submit an ...

Schedule A and Schedule B Requirements

Schedule A A Delegation Agreement between the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) and the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) authorizes the BCER to make decisions for oil and gas activity applications within the Agricultural Land Reserve ...

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