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Sending Written Concerns to the Company – Provincially Regulated Projects

Sending Written Concerns to the Company for Provincially Regulated Projects An oil and gas company must complete a formal engagement process, referred to as "consultation and notification", before sending their application to the ...

Soil Mapping and Classification Tool

Soil Mapping and Classification Tool The Government of British Columbia has created the BC Soil Information Finder Tool (SIFT), an interactive tool and soil survey map that provides data specific to the different regions of the ...

Surface Lease Information

Oil and gas companies are required to submit their surface lease agreements to the Surface Rights Board (SRB) within 90 days of acquiring the right. The provincial government has enacted the Surface Lease Information Regulation ...

Surface Rights Board

Surface Rights Board When a company plans to develop an oil and gas resource and private land is needed to access the project, the company must work out lease agreements and compensation amounts with private landowners. These ...

Taxes on Oil and Gas Sites

The province’s Surveyor of Taxes office has implemented a process to notify landowners when property taxes related to an oil and gas lease remain unpaid. Any collection action to recover the tax arrears on a lease would be against the ...

Title Searches Required for Surface Rights Board Applications

Title Searches Required for Surface Rights Board Applications You will require a title search that is less than two weeks old if you are planning to submit an application to the Surface Rights Board (SRB) regarding: compensation ...

Understanding Facilities

Facilities The term facility is used to describe a number of different pieces of equipment used for producing, processing or transporting oil and natural gas. Facility equipment can be used in the treatment, processing and ...

Understanding Roads

 Understanding Roads Oil and Gas Roads – BC Energy Regulator When a company plans to construct, modify or maintain a road for access to an oil and gas site, they must receive a permit under the Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA), ...

Understanding the Orphan Process

Understanding the Orphan Process When a company holding permits on wells, pipelines or facilities is no longer able to pay debt owing, the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) may designate their sites as orphan sites. The first step taken ...

Water Use for Natural Gas Development

Water Use for Natural Gas Development All water in British Columbia is owned by the Crown on behalf of residents of the province. If you own land that contains or has access to surface water or groundwater, in most cases you are ...

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