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Acts, Regulations and Statutes

Mar 4, 2021 | Types of Oil and Gas Activities and the Permitting Process | 0 comments

Acts, Regulations and Statutes

The Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA) defines the permitting authority the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) has to regulate oil, gas and any associated activities in the province of British Columbia. Activities regulated include wells, facilities, oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, pipelines, oil and gas roads and geothermal development.

The Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation holds responsibility for OGAA and the BCER regulates oil and gas activities in British Columbia as an agent of the government. Click on this graphic for an overview of what is regulated by the BCER.

In addition to OGAA, the provincial regulations, acts and statutes listed below provide the BCER with legislative authority to make decisions on oil and gas projects.


Regulations relevant to OGAA include:

Requirements for Consultation and Notification Regulation

    • Requirements for companies to engage with landowners and rights holders.

Dormancy and Shutdown Regulation

    • Requirements for companies regarding wells that have not been active for an extended period of time.

Drilling and Production Regulation

    • Requirements for wells during drilling, completion, production and abandonment.
    • Requirements for facilities during construction, operation, maintenance and abandonment.

Emergency Management Regulation

    • Regulates how companies plan for emergencies and initiate an emergency response.

Oil and Gas Road Regulation

    • Regulates construction, maintenance, use and deactivation of oil and gas roads.
Provincial Acts referenced under OGAA defined as specified enactments:

Environmental Management Act

    • Oil and Gas Waste Regulation: Regulates oil and gas waste permits.

Forest Act

    • Regulates oil and gas Master Licences to Cut, cutting permits and use of forestry roads.

Heritage Conservation Act

    • Regulates cultural and heritage sites (archaeology and fossil).

Land Act

    • Regulates Crown land licences of occupation and statutory rights of way.

Water Sustainability Act

    • Regulates the use of water.

Provincial Statutes relevant to OGAA:

Agricultural Land Commission Act

    • The OGC ALC Delegation Agreement grants powers to the BCER to decide on applications for permission for non-farm use of ALR lands for oil and gas and ancillary activities.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Act

    • Surface Lease Regulation sets out terms and conditions of surface leases on private land.
Please refer to the BC Energy Regulator website for a more comprehensive list of the legislative framework.

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